Welcome to high-performance apparel for women who love to fish! 
As an avid lady angler, I have been fishing for years and realized the lack of women's fishing apparel available for us. Why not? I believe I can out fish most of the guys I know (if not, at least I can bait my own hook!®"). 

Our mission is to provide High-Performance Gear for women who love to fish.  Fishing is our passion and we have an appreciation for all the women out there, who love fishing as much as we do. Whether you like to fish in a lake, at the river or in the ocean, whatever type of fishing you do, ladyfish is for you! 


Disclaimer*  Ladyfish is not just for those who like to fish, it's the perfect gear for those ladies out there who just love the water too! Ladyfish is Fishing apparel and coastal wear for the ladies.